Thursday, February 3, 2011

94.8% of the Earth is not using Social Media...ERR...Communications Technology Today

I blogged last October about the fact Social Media has nothing media about it. It is all Communications Technology Platforms. All of it. LINK  The misnomer drives me crazy. So many really smart people naming something wrong. It is one of many communication tools.

Recently there has been lots of the 'Social Media' talking idiots trying to force what is happening in Egypt as proof of revolution via the one small segment of human communication they happen to profit from or be employed because. Two lively discussions trying to have a reality view point are going on at Gini Dietrich's SpinSucks LINK and Shonali Burke's WaxingUnlyrical LINK

Most of our communication...MOST...not 98% occurs outside of Social Communications Technology Platforms! 

I don't care how big Facebook is. For every 2 Log Ins only one piece of content is posted. 250-300mil people log into Facebook and spend 38 minutes each posting a total of 125-150mil pieces of content. Think of that. How much content do you see, read, and hear every day. Do you know how little Facebook represents. Not much.

Twitter has 200 million accounts. But only 110mil tweets per day. Which means about 30 million people world wide are using the service. Or 110mil who send one tweet? Which I guess means they spend their time reading the feed or log off never to be seen again that day? We know that is not true. My studies have shown I get about 4 Tweets in my feed for every account I follow. 

So basically most people on Earth are not using Social Communications Technology today. Want to know how many?

94.8% of everyone on earth is not using Social Communication Technology today!  

That is being generous. I am assuming 350mil people use some form of Social Communication Technology! So Egypt? The discussions on their demographics is well documented on the two blogposts above and the many comments there.

But people are Talking in Person, Talking on the Phone, Emailing, SMS Texting (183 SMS texts are sent for every Facebook update!), Webcam/IPhoneCam, using Instant Messenger/Skype, Hamm/CB Radio. That is just two way! Add TV, Radio, Internet, Movie etc consumption as passive receiving. That is the overwhelming volume of communication happening in this world. Especially in a country where half the population makes only $2 per day!

So seriously, for someone who uses Social Communications Technology every day more than most users, it makes up maybe 2% of my total communication use and consumption. So the volume of Social Communication Technology as part of the worlds Communication Volume is what? 2% of 5% or 0.01%? MAYBE? 0.001%? Maybe?

Where I see Social Communications Technology having a HUGE impact, is as a threat to traditional news sources for fast moving stories. It has enabled the story of Egypt to reach outside of Egypt very fast and challenged news and journalism outlets for readership!

Here is a nice Time story about a Tweeter outside of Egypt helping get the story out. LINK And of course the few people like @SandMonkey who is there and sharing with the world. Or this nice video via Angela Natividad's Live and Uncensored LINK . But Social Communication Technology is not the communication driver in Egypt for the protests.The story is not finished yet. But my guess is Malcom Gladwell is still right.

UPDATE: Feb 4th: LINK Sandmonkey has been beaten and arrested (or so it seems) I can not type my thoughts here but lets say simply I hope Mubarak is hanged.

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