Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Friday - Strongbad and Joe Cartoon

I found Joe Cartoon and Strongbad a few years back via ITunes. They were available as free podcast subscriptions. They have to be the funniest video shorts ever. Though warning there is foul language and sometimes brutal bloody happenings to gerbils and flies. Joe Cartoon had his own website then moved to Atom Films and now not sure but a lot reside on this You Tube Channel: 

Strongbad has his own site with a very hilarious cast of characters. By far the Cheat which I think is his pet is the funniest. Strongbad is a young kid who dresses like a Mexican 1950's Wrestler and he likes to take Email Questions. As technology has improved Strongbad has upgraded his computer from one with a floppy drive to a more modern one. Also at the end of each cartoon if you move your mouse around the screen there are secret places to click to watch small clips.

Joe Cartoon has this mid-western family called the Greenfields who are just like your Grandparents. Except they are pot farmers.

Strongbad tends to get quite rageful when his ISP is slow. In this episode Homestar Runner is manning the Internets.

One thing hilarious about Joe Cartoon is his Gerbil Fetish:

Homestar Runner who is Strongbad's sidekick broke up with his girlfriend Marzipan and goes on a video dating service....while getting drunk.....

I suggest, no. I command you to book market the two sites and when your boss or a client or just life in general is pissing you off. Go watch an episode of three.

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