Monday, February 21, 2011

Mobile Monday - Corning® Gorilla® Glass Gets Mobile

On Saturday I was using one of my Droid2 Apps. I have mentioned I am pretty sure that most Ad Mob Banner ads in Apps are a drag. They are never relevant and are pretty much space hogs that annoy. But on Saturday I see one that was for a real company (vs 'Click to learn how to extend your battery life' banner ads). And I found them interesting. It was for Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

Corning has a very interesting history. They were the inventors of Pyrex which is the Laboratory Glass we all used in Science class for beakers and test tubes etc. Then in the 90's they got into fiber optics who along with JD Uniphase had spectacular stock rises then crashes from the boom. Then silence. They had thought about being just a fiber optics company. I am glad they did not.

Now they make Gorilla® Glass. What is Gorilla® Glass you might ask? It's the glass on my Droid2. I have been wondering why since August it has zero scratches. Why I drop it and nothing happens (jinx). But I had no idea until I clicked the Ad!

I was ready for my browser to pop up with an unformatted for mobile website. Instead up popped a very slick mobile micro-site. It had a few tabs with About and Products and one for Videos. They chose two videos which were cute. And at least showcased how versatile the Gorilla® Glass is.

While one might debate whether this is a consumer product vs a B2B product, it is something I will look for in the future when buying anything that has a glass screen as a way of deciding a products price to value. And all from a successful mobile campaign and proper formatting. And you all know if the formatting had been an issue this blog post would of been teaching you all how not to conduct a mobile campaign!

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