Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Friday - Funny People on the Twitter

Yeah yeah yeah! Shut it ok! You thought I was going to have a post on Famous Funny people. Well my funny people are funnier than those funny people and they deserve a platform for recognition!

So here are some people who seem to always crack me up. They are irreverent, witty, and even occasionally charming, but don't let that fool you. It is all a front. In fact I am not even going to give you their names, just what they are famous for in my world. You can look them up yourself. And who doesn't need a laugh during a grueling work day? =P
@sydcon_mktg - for some reason she dwells on last years NHL Stanley Cup for her Chicago Blackhawk's and constantly seeks to humiliate me for being a NY Islander's fan. But the Hawks were so last year and my team is an up and coming force. Watch for the Islanders in 2027! BTW she is a really hockey mom. Not like that Alaskan impostor!

@dan_coyle is a traveling rapscallion bard (who the hell is a bard these days?). He plays guitar and women swoon. I know people joke about women drivers, its not that they drive poorly, it is that they are listening to Dan and get lost in his voice. Well he is in Europe right now on tour after Interpol received his permission slip we signed for him. And his experience with handling my cross border skirmishes with Canada will come in handy in the EU.

Talking of cross border Skirmishes @catelorimer is Canadian through and through. She prefers her bacon round, her winters cold, and if I ever get into a bar fight I want her on my side. She also drives her dog sled way to fast causing havoc in small villages and says the word 'Ay' often.

@ShellyKramer a whipsmartass punk NYer who started traveling to California (well she won't admit this) when she was younger and stopped in Kansas City and never left. But she stays on the Missouri side of Kansas. I told you how smart she is! But also does checks in on FourSquare at Kansas City Star Newspaper Vending Machines. So maybe not that smart.

@cbaccus who seriously has a pretty hoity-toity title at a very prestigious firm but you know how those title and prestige things go. Chris really loves Facebook. He and I seem to have laughs at Facebook's expense quite often. Oh and he loves cars. He is a huge fan of the 1977 Pontiac LeMans and owns 3 of them. Normally he can be seen rocking these wheels to Eminem.

Lastly if you have ever been to an H.E.B. or been assaulted by a Werehole or an Asswolf you are not alone. @aaronstrout @dkdzyn and @doogsatx have been and viciously at that. And they will tell you all about it. It is one reason I refuse to visit the ATX or go to SXSW. I mean who wants to have to get a rabies shot after being bitten by a Werehole.

These are just a sampling of the wild and crazy people I have met on the Twitter. I suggest start with these folks and build up your comedic tolerance and then come back to me for more.

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