Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why You Should Not Use Facebook Apps!

My friends in LA want me to vote for them in hopes they will win a Trip to Argentina which is their home country as part of a Valentines Day Promotion. Sounds romantic right? It sure is. But should I allow this App to run so that I can vote for my friends? Absolutely not! My profile is on complete privacy. But let's run through what LAN Airlines wants so that I can vote for my friends:

1] Access to my basic information - Why do they need this? I just want to vote for my friends!

2] Post to my wall - by allowing access I am agreeing to allow this Airline unlimited access to posting to my Facebook wall and thus contacting any of my connections. Why do they need this? I just want to vote!

3] Access to my data at anytime - even when logged out. Why? To sell it to others? What do they need my data for? All I want to do is vote!

4] Access to my profile information - all the stuff I keep private from the world they want access too! Why? I JUST WANT TO VOTE!!

Access denied!

This is horrible stuff people get snowed all the time from Facebook. And if you are given such a screen you are crazy to accept. Imagine you have a 13 year old kid or niece as part of your network. By clicking accept you are allowing this company to reach them at will. Are you crazy?!


  1. To register for a real Vote here in Ireland,you don't need to do anything if born in the country.
    If naturalised, you need name, address and copy id signed by Garda(policeman to you).
    That's it, you can then vote for the rest of your life.
    No-one asks to see your personal data, or access to your network, or anything else.
    And that is to elect a Government! Granted, we did a bad job of that in recent times here, but my privacy(and that of my vote) is protected.
    Keep stirring it, Howie;)

  2. Unless you have to place that vote via the official Republic of Ireland Facebook App!! LOL

    Thanks for the comment Pat. Can't wait for Clan Chief Alien to vote in your next election.

  3. Pity Clan Chief Alien is not running for election. Then again, does he run...?

  4. Just a comment, from your business homepage, your Blog is hard to find (remember I discussed advancing age and receeding eyesight?).
    Might I suggest a more prominent link to your musings?

  5. Hear hear Howie!

    I'm not much of the Facebook apps and game user anyways but I totally agree. In my early FB days when I tried adding a few apps - just out of curiosity - I came across those and thought - "they can't be serious, they wouldn't really".

    Obviously I was wrong. They would and then some. All I wanted to do was see what all the hype about those damn farm animals was about! That's it!

    I'm also careful with 3rd party Twitter apps - if you'll notice the fine print to the right when you try to connect one to your account - it says "may have access to your DMs". HUH? Get the bleep outta here! It's not that I'm exchanging confidential bank info or anything but just the idea that they would have access to that was enough for me to say NO! I guess there's a reason they called them DM's and not PM's (like Facebook) - it seems they're not as private as we think they might be - at least, if we're not careful that is.

    Very interesting topic about privacy Howie. Glad I come across this post :). Well done as always Chief Alien.

    Have a rockin' weekend.

  6. Ingrid I am so excited you commented here. I need a better system though like Disqus or Livefyre! Yes the Twitter 3rd Party Apps also are a concern. So many back doors into our lives now. See how this develops!