Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Google's Brillant Chrome Do Not Track Feature

There was an article in Media Post and Marketing Voxx recently about Google incorporating Do Not Track features into their Chrome Browser. 

Overwhelmingly people reject behavioral targeting. If you have not read this study from the Social Science Research Network you should.
The results of this study should make anyone who runs a digital ad network that does behavioral tracking across websites to crap their drawers.

But Google isn't doing this because they care about what people think. This is a completely strategic bottom line move. It is completely brilliant!

1] How does Google make most of their money? 

Paid Search! If Ads were to show up anticipating what I want it would reduce my need to Google for information!

2] What other revenue source is big for Google?
The Google Ad Network! If Brands and Agencies could more accurately target consumers using Tracking Software, this reduces the number of Ads they have to place!

3] What is the biggest threat to Google's Ad Network and Paid Search? 

FireFox which allows blocking of all Ads including Google's Paid Search! 

There are 1 million downloads of Ad Blocker Plus per week from Mozilla! That technically enables 52million computers per year to deny Google revenue for Google Search or Ad Placements. What if a FireFox user decided to choose Chrome just so they are not tracked? They just converted 1 person and opened their computer to their main source of revenue and another big driver!


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