Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Social Tuesday - Is Livefyre a Threat to Klout and maybe Radian6's?

Just some food for thought. I read a lot of blogs. I comment on a lot of blogs. Comments are public but the more we comment on blogs less time is spent talking on Twitter and Facebook. But do the Klout's and the Radian 6's also filter through comments posted via Disqus and Livefyre? 

What happens to Klout and all influence companies if more and more communication they can't see. What about listening tools like Radian 6? The more communication that is private the less available of the communication pool is there to determine influence and sentiment. I have already shown how Facebook use is in steep decline. LINK btw it is now up to a 33% decline per user per day from 22% in November. Twitter use is growing albeit at a slower rate but that is at least all public.

But I see the Conversation Engines of Livefyre and Disqus growing fast. And Klout and Peer Index sees none of this. And thus so much is being missed. I already proved that most world wide communication occurs not on social networks. Not just most. ALMOST ALL! If only 2-3% if via Social the pool of data is small. And in private we are much more free with what we say and share. LINK

So my take is as more platforms take us off the main Social Networks and into new playgrounds that some of these listening and measuring companies can't gather data from, their business models could be at risk. I am not worried about Radian 6 because even if they wind up with just Blogs and Traditional Digital Media that is a massive trove of data. But if Klout can not see what we are talking about to each other, their doors will be closed fast.

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