Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Social Tuesday - Feeding the Fire under Facebook

Another few rowdy links to read to stir the pot. But I want to preface something so my readers understand my stance on things. 2 - 2.5 yrs ago Facebook was a people to people communication platform. A platform people might of paid a fee to be a member on. They weren't doing crazy things to exploit their users until the failed Beacon Project. Beacon technically has been revived in various ways and was definitely a precursor of their mindset. Exploitation of it's users. There was a time that I uploaded photos to Facebook and actually participated with friends non-stop. That ended 2+ years ago. I do communicate some on the site. I have added a few connections here and there. But not like I was 2+ years ago.

I run a Brand Page for a Client but Twitter is much more successful a platform for us. I do communicate with friends and a few Brands but usually when I log in I have 300+ updates waiting and if your update is not on the first page it will never be seen by me. For a site that has a business model telling Brands they can reach me this is 100% a lie. Brands have a CHANCE to reach me. That is all. And not a high chance at that. I estimate a robust 3% chance I see their posts. In fact I only go to one Brand page on my own that is Chobani Yogurt.

So here are a few great links for your reading enjoyment:

Ben Kunz is back! Here is Math of 1 out of 6,250 Fan Pages 
btw follow Ben he is one of the smartest people on the Twitter!
Read his blog Thought Gadgets!

Mashable and Likeable - One the worst articles on Facebook ever possibly  I guess it is all about fans huh? I mean really? May 2011 and you still write articles about Fan accumulation being the measure of success? I can't believe any CMO would hire Likeable and not fear for their job. No data on what these Facebook Pages did after they garnered fans. How many see the posts. How many participate and engage. Did it increase sales or revenues. Upcoming blog post will go deep into the numbers for you.


This wasn't meant to be. Read it. You will say Chief Alien what you smoking? Can I have some? Read it. Facebook is built on display ads. It is most of it's revenue if not all it's revenue right now. There have been recent studies showing click rates are half the rate for traditional digital. Now granted clients only pay for clicks. But the premise is since Facebook has so much personal data (they actually don't they only have demographic data and they only see a fraction of what we do online and in real life) they can laser target who to serve ads too.

So in this study they served 74 million ads aimed at people who stated they are Republican. The same group of people that over 50% think Obama is not a US Citizen and almost the same number think he is Muslim! If you were an investor and a Stock Broker said Facebook is worth 50bil or 100bil based on pure Display Ad revenue what are your thoughts when the people who should be going rabid with clicks did not click.

"While SocialCode purchased over 74 million advertising impressions for this project, those display ads were clicked on less than 16,638 times and liked just over 5,192 times. That means that just 0.02 percent of the ads were clicked on at all and only 0.007 percent received a "like."

I think Swifty has a much brighter future than Facebook does.....

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