Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Tuesday - Soundcloud

Have you checked out Soundcloud?

I have been a member for quite a long time. It's really a Social Music Platform. I have not explored for all forms of music but it is being driven by Electronica. Many incredible DJ's post Live Sets, Studio Sets, Remixes, Mashups, and their own music. Plenty of the Artists sell music on ITunes, Beatport and other online retailers, but put their songs here to listen to for free because of the people who are in this community are other Artists, Promoters, Record Companies, and trendsetting Music Fans.

This is your log in page. It shows the latest music uploaded, favorited, or commented on by the people/artists in your network.

The music they create and upload they can sell very easily. This is a Record Company Page.

If you are someone who gives away your music in order to get people coming to your show there is an easy download button.

You can follow DJ's and Bands, and connect with friends:

Note favorites,

Even comment on places in the songs/sets.

There is also many Apps for IPhone and a new one for Android. The Android App I have used. It is still primitive and I can't connect to my account, but it does allow me to stream through my headphones (I prefer SkullCandy), through my Droid2 Speaker, or connect to my car stereo.

Even better! Soundcloud just scored Venture Backing by my favorite VC Fred Wilson and his Union Square Ventures who are early backers of such companies as Twitter, FourSquare, Tumblr. Also note Fred's blog in my list to your left which is a must read for Startups and Entrepreneurs. Soundcloud Announcement: LINK

Editors note: I have been a fan and member of Soundcloud long before Union Square Ventures invested. I have followed Fred Wilson on Twitter and read his blog for about 17 months now. I chose Soundcloud because I was sick of writing about Facebook and Twitter for Social Media! Had to freshen it up. If you follow me on Twitter you will know I have been linking many DJ Sets posted on Soundcloud from my DJ friends and my extended music network for a very long time now.

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