Thursday, January 13, 2011

Isolate Your Message!

Is this where you want to advertise?

You are kidding right? Try to find the pebble in the sand. I am not saying don't advertise here. But your exposure is limited and you are competing with everyone.

What About Here? Yes Here! Why? 

Your Ad is Isolated!

Your Viewers are Captive! 

Your Viewers don't want to Look at Each Other!

Other Great Places?

Bus Stops, Phone Booths, News Stands - Facing the direction people walk. 
Anyone walking towards this sign will see this sign!

Think of places people have to wait for something. Standing around. Bored. Advertise there!
Places people are captive yet don't want to look at each other.
Places with high foot traffic that allows your ad to face them.

Crowded Shelves? Uhm...Not as Good! 

You have to be on this shelf if you sell chili based hot sauces. But how am I to pick yours? 

Great for National Guard...Not so great for MOOG!

My specific point is not for only Out of Home. Think of it with all your Advertising Strategies and Media Buys.  TV works (caveat if it is watched). Paying to have your Brand Logo behind home plate at a baseball game works. Flying Ads behind a plane at the Beach works! Call to Action Mobile Marketing works!

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