Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday - Halp! I Been Steam Rolled by a Fat Goggie!

 Ms. Susan Hua aka @satisfeye on the Twitter shared this with me
and I can't stop laughing at this photo!

 So I had to post this. There are many more fun pictures on the site.

Today I featured Susan because over the almost year I have gotten to know her she is a very delightful and funny person, who loves Advertising and Marketing. She likes to champion great work as well as bringing insight. She is really eager to learn and always good for a laugh. She is currently finishing her second degree in Creative Advertising and is a Teachers Assistant in the Program at Seneca College in Toronto. Her first degree is in Sociology (damn overachiever!).
I also owe her my Space Daiquiri recipe.

Susan is in Cahoots with Mr. Anthony Kalamut also known as @SouthSideAdGuy who is a Professor of Creative Advertising at Seneca College in Toronto. Anthony is very passionate about Advertising and every one of his young posse I have gotten to know on Twitter is whipsmart just like him! He is pretty fun and frolicky himself even though he tries to present a more serious face. Oh and he is a big Leaf's fan.

Oh and you can find Susan at:
Her own blog:
and working with
 (damn over achiever!)

Anthony can be found at:
and he has also been a guest panelist on the Beancast Hosted by 
Mr. Bob Knorpp who is @thebeancast on the Twitter.
October Podcast
If you don't subscribe to Bob's great Podcast covering current topics in 
Marketing you should. In fact drop everything and do so now!
I Been Steam Rolled by a Fat Goggie!

Fun Friday is my take on Follow Friday. It is meant to highlight people or websites or 
freaking anything that makes life more joyous, interesting and fun.

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