Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New 2011 Blog Structure Announced

In an effort to make this blog more focused and to help bring more value to our readers, the content of this blog will be changing somewhat. After a big meeting on the Mother Ship and a really long and sometimes buggy Skype Video Conference with our Supreme Council in the Andromeda Galaxy, it has been decided by threat of Gamma Ray Particle Agitation Disintegration, I mean Consensus, that there should be more structure and the themes should reflect the skills that our crew of Aliens brings to our clients.

So going forward there will be an effort to put put 3 Blog Posts per week that discuss strategy, developments, or news for the following subject areas: 

1] Mobile Marketing -
  • Mobile Technology and Platforms
  • Location Based Services
  • Strategy that works, Strategy that is powerful, and Strategy to not use
2] Social Media -
  • We will continue causing a ruckus about Hype and News
  • More Data Crunching to help you with reality
  • Strategies and Observances
  • Technologies and Platforms
3] Marketing Strategies -
  • Everything Marketing all if fair game including:
    • TV/Cable, Out of Home, Direct, Mobile, Social, Print, Guerrilla
    • Agencies and Clients
    • Costs vs Benefits
    • How To's
  •  News and Developments
  • Case Studies for Success and Failure
Lastly in an effort to reward those that have given so freely to me in various ways,  we plan to write a blog on Friday highlighting someone or a website that gives value and insight or is just plain all around deserving similar to what Gini Dietrich does on Spin Sucks with Follow Friday. There also will be occassional opinion piece explaining why we don't like a specific news outlet etc. But we have a few cutesy titles we are kicking around for you to cringe at when you see it.

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