Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Friday - Africam

Surprise! I know I brought up the new format and you thought I would blog about someone you think I kiss too much ass with here, but this proves I am my own Alien. And not only am I my own Alien I love Animals! Yes I am a $#%#^#& bleeding heart for animals. I think they are rad and fun and amazing!
I wish I could say when I found @Africam which runs but the basics are they are a do gooder org that wants to bring wild animals and nature to us all so we can appreciate them in ways that before we had to watch National Geographic. They have a few cams and they are live including night vision. They are placed in animal congregation areas.
They have three main areas and I have seen Rhinos like above, Zebras, Elephants, Birds of all sorts etc. You see them live in their natural habitat. A window into a place we all dream of visiting. When there is an animal sighting they will Tweet and alert you to click and check out what is there.

They also have educational programs and a nice blog where people write about and post photos from their visits to the parks.
There you go. You can have access to see a ton of animals in the wild in South Africa in a platform never before available. BTW the Rhino is not leaving he is mooning you!

I have made a few friends in South Africa via Twitter in the Advertising world like @WalterPike and @SezLeigh and I forget they live so close to such amazing wilderness and wildlife!

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