Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Yes on Saturday. I was out most of the day yesterday so sue me. 
No wait we already have a way to lawyer happy sue everyone including Jesus and my sisters baby Turtle society. 
So don't sue me. You can't! Plus Tort reform is around the corner. 
Like in 2086 when we finally have a 3rd party in power in this great country. 
Any country that can not only invent the word Turducken but make it a noun where it actually exists in reality is a great freaking country.

In 1066 the Battle of Hastings was started because in a fit of rage
over losing a game of Yahtzee,
King Harold II of England told Duke Williman of Normandy
'Don't make me Turducken you!'
Of course that went down as one of the worst things every to say to a French Duke,
second only to 'Would you like some Ketchup with your Chateaubriand 

Anyway its freaking Saturday and I am typing this because I feel I let you down yesterday and because I don't want to ruin your weekend, at least I wanted it to suck much less, so here I am.

So without further ado I bring you 

Thank you and a Follow Saturday to Vinny Warren who is pretty funny himself and has a great blog listed on your left.
Also thanks to the assorted blogs that prompted me,
after seeing it once again from Vinny to finally read the State of the Web Winter 2010 which made me laugh really hard.

Turducken Photo Credit to the 103.1 Morning Bounce
Chateaubriand Photo Credit to Mental Floss

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