Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Case For and Against GeoFences and Push Advertising on Mobile

I saw this new product being offered by Urban Airship in Portland.  I think why would I want brands to contact me when I am nearby? Do I want this? What does this mean for the brand? If I did want it what would be the way I would want to have this? 

The first issue is alerts. I don't want my phone buzzing. I downloaded the ShopKick App because if I focus on Mobile I should check these things out. I went to the mall and out of the blue my phone started buzzing like it was going to explode. I immediately uninstalled the app. I don't want that!

But if I have to manually look for specials doesn't that defeat the 'alert' system? Doesn't that mean it is no different than getting an email offer or going manually to their website?

What about the brand? Does these offers improve their image or just erode their margins because I view you as a discounting brand?

Will this benefit me? How often am I cruising in my car or biking and open to buying something on impulse? For me very rarely.

What about clutter? Even if I sign up only for the brands I like, doesn't over time this do the same as for email where it all becomes white noise?

How will a brand make these alerts relevant? If 99% are ones I won't go for why should I sign up for what is then a valueless service?

These are questions you must ask yourself. How will you stand out? If every business can contact me with push marketing as I drive by you are just one in the crowd. 

I see way to many negatives vs positives here. And just because a technology like check-ins, which are already dead,  is neat or different doesn't mean we want it, need it, or will use it.  Why would you even need this if you built a solid loyal relationship with me. One where you already knew when I made a future purchase you would at least have an opportunity to win my business.

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