Thursday, April 12, 2012

Social Media Marketing is Dead. Marketing Lives.

Get over it. Social Media for marketing is dead. It doesn't work anymore. I have clients asking if Twitter and Facebook are worth it. Not because they don't see results. But why focus on 1% of your sales.

Why? They are not seeing a return on the effort.

Why? Because getting seen in anyone's Twitter or Facebook feed is impossible.

Why? Because as we slowly add connections it creates more volume in our feeds.

I can not remember the last time I was reached via Social Media by a brand via my feed.
The number of people my clients reach and have react are low. Oh it is due to poor content you say? What about massive bribes? They don't work either. When clients can't give away high end products and goodies just for responding via Social Media that means no one is seeing our promotions. 

So what to do? 

Traditional Marketing and Advertising still works. TV. Billboards. Digital Marketing. SEO. Google Ad Words. Great product or customer service. Your street sign. Your location. Your inviting store or website.

Just think. 99% of your customers do not follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook. So you can't reach them. Of the 1% most will not see your posts or tweets. At last with Twitter you can call people out directly one or four at a time.

As I last blogged you should focus on being talked about. And some customer service via Social Media. But Marketing or Selling? Dead. get over it. Toss out the book by the Guru. Stop reading the Guru's blog. You need to market. But Social Media will not work for you. Prove me wrong. You can't. But I can show you how to market. Just ask.


  1. Digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing techniques these days for sure especially when talking about people sitting online.

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  2. Actually I don't even think if social media marketing could be dead cause there are still several marketers and bloggers that use it to for business and marketing aspects.

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