Monday, April 23, 2012

The Big Subway Battleship Game Fail

I admit sometimes on my drive from NY to Vermont I stop at Subway because there is a choice between them and McDonald's for a quick bite. Vermont lacks quick eat places like they lack Billboards. They don't exist! So I stopped in only to be first swindled by the worker there. She said twenty cents more for a large drink with your sandwich? I thought wow only twenty cents sure. Well turns out she meant an up size from medium which I wasn't planning on getting. Teach me right.

Now to the new Battleship game. The fail here is it allows me to play from my phone or computer. It takes you to the Subway site and it was not very phone friendly. The screen shots are from my laptop. The biggest fail though is I have a code to enter to see if I win. Great. Well why do they need all my information to play? McDonald's does not require this for their Monopoly game. In fact I can turn in an instant win piece and they don't ask me for anything.

So in the end I felt swindled over a drink and I refuse to give Subway more than my email to play so obviously they don't care about giving away all the prizes because if I had a winning code I will never know because I refuse to play under these terms. Never mind all these steps when I am on the road stopped at the Vermont Visitors center under time constraints hoping to check the code and toss my soda cup.

So big fail and disingenuous to make it so many steps JUST TO CHECK A CODE!

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  1. Who sunk my battleship?

    Hey, send me some maple syrup and I'll send you some mosquitoes.........