Friday, December 10, 2010

This Commercial is the BOMB!

This seriously is one of my five favorites out now. I also loved the previous Kia Soul and the one for the Sorrento with the Sock Monkey Rave.

But this also gives a great case study in Advertising especially for Automotive. Where our secret Alien Underground Pre-Invasion Intelligence Headquarters is located, one of the biggest Kia Dealerships is based. I see Soul's around town, but normally the driver is over 50 and smoking a cigarette. Don't know why but I have seen more than 3! I rarely see anyone this commercial's demographic is aimed at. My point being it doesn't matter how you portray an automobile in Advertising. The minute they hit the street they are what they are. In this case I see a smallish boxy vehicle not that much bigger than the old Suzuki Samauri's but hard top. With older almost retired smokers driving them.

But damn I love this commercial and will watch Kia commercial's over and over again. Whether or not the fact I would not buy a Kia nowadays means it's wasted Ad Spend each time I am counted in the numbers they pay for is something to ponder. This is something I rail against often and I am definitely not in their demographic for this car. Or maybe in 10 years it will have planted the seed when their cars improve in the way Hyundai's have. Out of the blue the Sonata is nicest looking family four door sedan out there from the far east.

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