Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Funk..err I mean Blog Phenomena

This isn't a strategy post. Or a rant against Facebook. Or even me going off the board with some bizarre topic like Ice Fishing. It is a statement on today's social and professional communication infrastructure, possibly a threat to Colleges and Universities, and possibly a threat to this planet Earth. Yes a threat to this planet. Yes....I am talking about Blogs. You might want to sit down before reading the rest of this post. Sitting? Now please remain calm.

Blogs have become in my opinion the forefront in academic and social collusion and mind control. If you look at the black board behind me you will see the dots connected. It is definitely a Steve Jobs - Barack Obama - Lindsay Lohan - Josef Stalin Conspiracy of the highest order. Blogs. You read them. You write them. But now can you give them up? Could you ever go cold turkey? NO! You are hooked! 

How else can you get to know someone whom you admire in all sorts of industries or places in life. Everyone has a Blog. From simple to elaborate. Like Venus Fly Traps still and poised to trap you! You the one who said they would never be trapped in a bad relationship, yet you can not stop Blogging! Or reading Blogs. Or tweeting about Blogs.

I myself don't have enough time to read all the Blogs I want to read. I can't even keep up with the list on the left. There are about 20 other Blogs worth being listed. At least. And over 100 on a second list. I need more space on this Blog to list the Blogs I read. I need more time to read the Blogs I love and comment and get Livefyre Points. If all the cool people on Earth all Blogged time would stand still! News and Media would collapse. Universities would crumble. The Earth would shatter under the weight of all this Blogging.

What a better way to get educated and learn by connecting with the best and the brightest. And they are all Blogging. I bet even Bono blogs. And no Blog is too big or too small. Or too warm or too cold. Or too firm or too soft. Well sometimes too firm. They are portals into the soul, heart, and mind of an individual. And since we all know how sick and twisted humans are we feed on their passions, their anger, their knowledge, their fears, and their loves....gorging on what they offer...until we either consume them completely...or get consumed ourselves.

Blogs. The Blog Phenomena

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