Monday, December 13, 2010

For Digital You Have To Be Crafty..Yes Crafty! Word

The biggest challenge in the Ad Industry is getting your advertising message watched, read, or listened to by your target demographic, in a manner that allows them to focus solely on it. 

We all know this is a pipe dream for most Media Platforms. Your ad is either grouped with others, or in a place that it competes with other sensory distractions. There are still a few select places you can guarantee your message gets through such as inside Subway Cars. And the best campaign content will fail if the right people do not see it.

When it comes to Digital it is even more complex. FireFox has a big chunk of the Browser Market. Two popular Ad On's block most digital ads (Ad Blocker Plus) and ad networks (No Scripts). One thing I take offense at is that 'Creatives' in Advertising are only the people making Commercials, Graphics, Digital Content. Yes they are Creative. Just like those who dream up the big picture campaign, there are those Creatives that work in Strategy which is our focus.

How do you reach the ever more elusive target?

Kudos to YFrog! 

A devoted fan of one of my clients, posted this picture up on Twitter, and we like to share these photos with their Twitter followers. And low and behold the new Fockers Movie ad made it past both Ad Blocker Plus and No Scripts. This works. It took some creativity. It was simple. It's guaranteed to be seen. If YFrog wanted to (if they are not already), it could analyze the public network info for each Twitter user to make an educated guess at what demographic most likely will click through any photos they post to ensure relevance of the Ad to the Viewer.

If you are wondering the photo is for the seasonal treat called the Snowflake BOO-Yah!! Its Two Oven Warm Snickerdoodle Cookies with fresh creamy handmade EggNogg w/Bourbon + Toffee Ice Cream. Both 100% all natural, no preservatives, locally handmade in Los Angeles.

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