Friday, October 29, 2010

Fetch or Sit, What is your Social Media Strategy Part 2

Last post I discussed the two strategies and focused on the Sit Strategy. Today it is the turn for Fetch.

Fetch Strategy is much more interactive, more personal, and has a higher risk, but much higher reward. It is also the hardest to implement. You need people power. You will find yourself involved with Social Media beyond the 8-5 work day. It can be fun. It can be scary. But if you want to move your business from using Social Media as a Push Advertising Strategy to a more Interactive Engagement you must implement Fetch. This will lead to longer threads of communication, greater loyalty, opportunities for customer service/feedback, and you can help groom your future Brand Ambassadors.

The Features of Fetch:

1] Must have Great Content. This removes some of the marketing via the Live Feed, people come to visit you on their own. Great Content could be anything from amazing specials, informative content, comedy/humor, great conversation/discussions.
2] Higher Expectations for Reward. Reward can be anything from the great content, discussions, to a contest or a financial incentive.
3] Greater Loyalty, Greater Pressure. As the person invests more in the 2-way experience, they will grow more loyal, but also be more angry if you let them down.
4] Deeper Brand-Consumer Conversations. Expected to react faster in real time to issues, and you had better learn to be human, and exhibit some Empathy. Customer Service is going to bleed into Fetch. Customers will know there are real people having real conversation and use this as an easy channel to 'Contact the Company'. 
5] Have Personality: It is very important to choose the right people who are empowered, know your brand and product, balance being professional and fun/human etc, who represent your brand properly especially under duress. If you get invited into my Personal Private Network I want someone who I enjoy showing up in my feed, not some pompous, arrogant or robotic person. 

This is hardest for Big Business...letting go and trusting. They want the elevated relationship, they want to be invited into Private Personal Networks, but they fear attack, they fear losing their message, they fear losing an iron grip on their image. If this is your fear stick to a Sit Strategy it is much safer.
Depending on the type of Business in terms of the product or service you sell, the personality and culture, and the size of your company, you will choose which type of marketing presence is best for you. Also once you are invited into a Personal Private Network, this does not mean you will get a sales boost, or any type of boost for that matter. Soon I will discuss ways Social can help increase ROI/Sales.

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