Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Brands Have Low Engagement via Social Media

*title change from Why Social Media is not a Good Sales Channel

I recently blogged about why Social Media is not getting the attention of the C-Suite

Specifically those folks want sales. Facebook is promoting itself as a Sales/Marketing Channel. Thought Leaders like Joseph Jaffe view Social more as a Customer Retention (Customer Service) and Loyalty Building Platform (Conversation when you can get it). In my blog post I trounced Facebook Fan page engagement numbers from the Sales point of view. But is it the Brand's fault? I think it is the platform's fault. And it is not changing any time soon!

I have done studies showing that 90-95% of all Tweets and Facebook Updates do not get viewed. What I mean by this is the volume in the streams are so much that no one with 200+ connection will ever see them all. The total I have unread is 462 since yesterday afternoon. If you are not on my first log in page...your post doesn't exist.

I get about 2400-3000 Tweets in my daily Twitter feed. At least if you Mention me I will see your Tweet. You can not Mention all your followers in 140 Characters.

So the real Engagement numbers from the following viewpoint is better looking than using the percentage of Total Fans. I have a client with 1100 Followers and when I post a Schmap showing their up coming location I get around 20-40 Views per Tweet. The one below I tweeted 4 times yesterday. Taking a very generous 10% seeing each post, that is a decent 15-30%+ engagement rate. When I post photos from my runs I get around 20+ Views on TwitPic which is great if only 70 people see the post.

So the problem isn't always bad content. When I view a Brand's Facebook Page and see pitiful numbers, the reason isn't because people don't care, it's because they do not see the Posts! 

Which completely devalues Facebook as a Viral/Engagement/Free Marketing Platform. As you can see Doritos is giving away $5mil so you know very well if people saw this post they would at a minimum 'Like' it. I mean why are you a fan? Even if I use the 10% rule and only 91,000 saw this post, they had 109 actions of engagement....for a $5mil contest? (This is very pitiful most do a little better).

My next post will discuss some potential solutions which all have Pros and Cons.


  1. Since the beginning of time the numbers have lied. Which is to say, we've always done things this way. From TV to radio to outdoor to subscriber rates on blogs, we like to think that the numbers somehow represent an expected return on the media investment. it's sad, and the ones making the money are the media companies and traditional ad agencies that pump the value of the medium.

  2. I agree Jim. Its like a Ponzi scheme. You would think the CMO's of the Brands would look after their house but they need to lie to the CEO LOL. Thanks for your visit!