Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Facebook the Big Phat Social Video Failure

First off I wish to state something because I don't want to sound like a complete jerk. When I normally rail on Facebook, it's specifically for their selectively hyping things that make the site seem more impressive to Brands, Marketers, Agencies, Investors, Media, and Humanity than they actually are all in the name of trying to go IPO and not lose their Mafia Money Investor's shirts.

What Facebook has done is pretty impressive. Having 60 million US consumers log into a site each day is something to be complimented. Even using Nielsen's more believable numbers of 146 million unique visitors for the month of August would have over 40 million US consumers logging in. Very few web properties can say this.

What has me in a huff today is several news stories hyping the fact that Facebook has passed Yahoo into second place for online video views with 250 million in August. 

I hate aggregation when it makes things sound incredible. Too many of you (especially the Mashable's...ahem..I mean media) sound like that Big Dumb Dog who follows the Little Smart Dog in the cartoon repeating everything the Little Smart Dog says without thinking what you are saying.

But I live in reality!

I know you think wow 250 million views, but we forget this is a worldwide network with supposedly 540 million members. This network claims 55min per day per user spent on Facebook. This network has pretty much conned everyone into this Viral bullshit that really is false. Facebook might help make a You Tube Video go viral, but Twitter, email, and word of mouth in person and on the phone are also part of this.

Using Facebook's own numbers here is the proper perspective:

Every active user watches 0.46 Videos per month. Not even half a video?

Facebook claims 491 million hours per day spent on the network or 14.72 Billion hours of time per month. 

And we all know how many people post videos into the live feed. And all they could get is 250 million views for a whole month?

If I was a Brand or a Marketer I would be saying WTF? How come such a big massive failure when it comes to video? And even using the lame excuse 'Well it's ramping up!' Did you just read what I wrote. 27.5 Hours of time per user per month and each user watched 0.46 Videos? That probably averages about 3 mins out of 27.5 hours spent, are watching video per user. 

I hate to say it Facebook, but your numbers look better using Nielsen's 146 Million unique visitors and 6hrs per month spent per user, than the bullshit your shoveling down peoples throats.

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