Saturday, December 8, 2012

Social Media Perspectives

I hate articles like this:


How Walmart Won the Facebook War vs Target


It shows that there are plenty of Agencies who don't understand Social Media. And how sensationalism is why so many people are still suckers. To be fair I can come  up with many bright comments about the details in this story. From how many Fans Walmart and Target have on Facebook to the number of page actions taken as a great source of insights and feedback.


But that isn't what is in this article. And shame on Business Insider for allowing it to be printed.First off the title. The war will never be over. Don't use such a ridiculous title. And the stats inside  are so simplistic you wonder who comes up with this stuff. But the basic premise:


Walmart - 25 mil fans Target 20 mil fans and basically that Walmart has superior engagement levels and actions.


Yes. But why? Has Walmart run more games and contests or coupons? What time period is this over?Has either done heavy Facebook advertising? Do we know how much? 


No the author makes believe none of that is important. Here is my perspective. Facebook has been a zero for both brands.


Using the weekly 'Talking About' numbers:


Walmart 672k this past week or 96k per day.


Target     916k this week or or 130k per day


Worldwide Customers:


Walmart 500 million? More? Lets say 500 million. I bet it is higher.


Target     300 million? More? Let's say 300 million.



5% of customers like the Brand on Facebook. Average Fan takes an action on the page (Share, Like, Comment) once every 260 days. 



6.7% of customers like the Brand on Facebook.   Average Fan takes an action once every 153 days.


And of course the article mentions nothing about sales generated, coupon or campaign conversions etc. So based on the data above in the big picture Facebook is not driving sales for either company. and considering Walmart had $440billion in sales last year and Target only $67 billion on Facebook Target is wiping the floor with Walmart. In fact the doctor had to be called in to stop the fight and bandage Walmart's face.


Granted some of the numbers like Talking About are just from the last 7 days. But the article author gave no time line and if the war is over why did Walmart lose so badly in the last week?

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