Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Emmy's I did not watch revisted

I didn't watch the Emmy's. I don't do Awards shows for the most part. That's how we Alien's roll. We care about getting results, not frivolous industry accolades! So now a retrospect on the Emmy's-Twitter effort from a pure Strategy Standpoint.

Isn't the most lucrative revenue source TV ratings for the Emmy's? So would it be wise to give an alternative method of following the Emmy's without having to watch the show? Wouldn't a better tactic be broadcasting live via all video channels: Online, Mobile (Phone, ITouch, Tablet/NetBook) , Time Square, contract with Electronics stores to all show the Emmy's on their floor/window sample TVs etc?

My advice to the Emmy's is:

1] Why put on a stage visual spectacular that is then cut down to 140 Characters...or less?
           -Make use of all the available Video Delivery Medium's
2] The Emmy's is about TV/Cable. It's about Video. Directing. Acting. Sound etc. All this Twitter and most Social Networks lack at this time.
          -If you are going to use Social Networks like Twitter, then make the event so visually over the top that all the tweets were a repetitive form of:
"I can not believe what I am seeing, are you all seeing this?!!

2 Reasons TV/Cable should view Social Media as a threat:

1] Every minute spent Tweeting or Facebooking or cruising Kitten fights Frog videos on You Tube is a minute not available for TV/Cable and premium advertising rates.

2] Social is cold blooded. For every Viral success Social does for Entertainment, there are 10 Viral deaths. No one ever thinks about you the Entertainment Industry when your movie or TV sucks and the Tweeters during the first day just trash your work. Work that took months of development, millions in investment, only to be cut down within 24 hours. Work that employed hard working people. Not even a 3 day or Episode grace period. Not even the chance to live even briefly. Condemned by Social to an early, painful death. What do you owe to Social?

What I would do if I was the TV/Cable Industry:

I would spend every single waking minute on ways to incorporate Social into your Shows and Content Delivery Platforms. I would do anything I could that showed how much more cooler the content is where you are (TV, Cable, Video), and find whatever methods possible to bring viewers off screen activities...included in your screen. Bring interactive and Content on Demand as fast as you can bring it to market.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Emmy's to Feature Live Tweeting on Show...uhm...OK

I don't know what to make of this. On the one hand I like Twitter and use it actively. Only 8-20mil people world wide use the network each day. So it is not a mass medium yet. And it's Cutesy Geek. Almost like the Emmy's doing this erode the street cred of techie chic that Twitter users try to exude. 

But my real reason for posting is the creative aspects. This benefits Twitter immensely for exposure. Probably much more than the Emmy's benefit. So did Twitter pay for the exposure is what I am curious about.

And more significantly: Dear Facebook....notice the Emmy's are Tweeting Live!....not updating a Fan Page Live!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Blog Yippie!

Universal Date: 04unit of 75fraction of common year 11338764

Here at Sky Pulse Media Earth Headquarters it was put to a vote, voted on again, then voted on yet again....each time with the same result. Being a Alienocracy I then overruled everyone and decided we should have a blog. I know to us blogs are so barbaric, but we do remember in our History Data that Blogs were a powerful communicative force in the pre-enlightenment period 5 million common years ago. So we will blog.

What kind of blog do you say? We want it to be different. Interesting. and occasionally Scandalous. I mean we all want to be scandalous just once. Just like on Falcon Crest.

Hope you enjoy.

The Management