Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Social Tuesday - LinkedIn did what?

Facebook Delivers the Ads - Media Post 
This is not the same ads. You can not compare a Facebook Ad with a Banner Ad for form fit and function.

LNKD goes Public. Wall Street fleeces LinkedIn and Main Street. Nice to have things back to normal.

They IPOed at $45 but quickly peaked at $122 on the market. Just think LinkedIn could of gotten easily double what they got. Who got the rest? Wall street. They bought the shares bid them up sold to the public high. So many of the 'Gold Rushers' who thought this was money in the bank bought no matter the price. Someone bought at $122 share! It's $89 today. 25% loss for whoever bought at the peak.

Remember 9 out of 10 IPO's end their first year at a lower share price than their issue price. 

Fun fact: You can buy $1 of LinkedIn's Revenues for the same price you can buy $1 of Apple's PROFITS! In fact it costs $18 to buy $1 of Apple profits today. It costs $1,312 to buy $1 of LinkedIn's profits.

Yes Social Media has gone Traditional Media with ReTweet This!

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