Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Social Tuesday - Facebook $100B Follies + Top 50 Twitter Women

Just going to cover two topics. I figure you can enjoy a more leisurely day than most Tuesdays.

First off Congrats to this great list of Women on Twitter! I know there are many such lists but just to be named in any list is an honor. As you know us Space Aliens are all for equality and a huge supporter of the Ladies. This comes from the wonderful Cheryl Burgess of Blue Focus Marketing and Tom Pick of Webbiquity. Not sure when a Top 50 Space Alien's on Twitter list is coming but it had better be soon!

Next topic which is like the weight around your ankles as you are tossed into the ocean by the mafia for not paying your gambling debts. Our Chief Alien has proved over and over that Facebook is dying just waiting for a better network to pop up and poof we all migrate. Yet more and more idiots keep claiming higher valuations. I have told everyone to sell the IPO short. It is the biggest pump and dump scheme in history and will make Bernie Madoff seem like peanuts when this is done. Please if you have a pension or 401k beg the administrators not to buy their stock when they IPO and that you value your retirement.

This article from Media Post covers not only a ridiculously rosie Social Media display ad forecast but notes the Wall Street Journal (whom this Finance Grad doesn't read anymore as a trusted business news source) is claiming a $100bil value next year. Go to the NYSE and NASDAQ. Look at all the companies that have a $100bil value. Look at their revenues. Their profits. Look at what they MAKE AND SELL. And you get my drift.


The problem I have with the display ad forecast is once Brands realize they aren't getting clicks on Facebook and the Facebook ads are pitiful vs real Display won't prices slump and what Social Media Properties are going to pick up the slack?

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