Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mobile Monday - On Tuesday!

I know everything got kind of wacky with Bin Laden having to die and go mess up my normal order of blog posts.

I am going to start a new format or test it for all 5 of my readers 8). First will be some observations as I use my Droid2 and followed by news and worth blogposts.

Part Uno:

So I was jogging and there was a link posted on Twitter for a You Tube Video. Which I clicked on. My Droid asked me do I wish to play in the Browser (generic), Skyfire, or Firefox. Yet I have a You Tube App which is owned by Google. Why doesn't it just launch in the YouTube App? This might be a Motorola or Twitter App issue. But if I was Google I would fix this flaw right away.

Mobile browsing kind of sucks. I hesitate to use my Droid2 for Mobile Browsing because the experience isn't that great no matter what Browser I use. And why when I use the Generic Browser does it ask permission every time it needs to go to a new page? I already chose it for that action show some balls! Own it!

I learned I was allowing Apps to search for updates non-stop. It was freezing the phone. I recommend manually looking for updates.

When I brought the phone in to be swapped by Verizon whom suggest I wipe the phone out and start clean I asked why do the Apps I kill start up again. I was told I can manually fix that in the application settings. Big Phat Wrong. Can't fix the problem at least so far can't find a setting to only run Apps when I let them run.

Kudos to Verizon Wireless. While I was very miffed they didn't swap my phone and instead wiped it clean and started over the process was amazing. All my Apps reloaded on their own. I was blown away. Same with my contacts etc. The only issue I had was Apps needing a login like FourSquare or Gowalla. I had forgotten them and had to get them when at home.

Lastly still to date Gowalla and Foursquare have rewarded me only once and that was back in October when I got free Chips and Salsa at Chilis. The special offers still suck. Mostly Radio Shacks. I really just check in for fun especially when traveling to show where I am but not very often to Twitter. Just in-network. They are handy like Yelp! to see what is locally around for eats, drinks etc.

Part Dos:

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