Friday, April 1, 2011

Garbage in Garbage Out. Why Research Sucks Part 2

Back in November I discussed how I felt Research is Shoddy at best. LINK

But what I did not cover was the Human Side. We are eternal optimists in a general sense. We also can be vicious and vengeful and biased and deceitful. I have been part of the You Gov Poll now for a long time. They have a lot of polls about Brands, the Economy, and our own Personal Economic situation.

Typical Questions:

They show a Grid with Consumer Brands and ask which we view positively and which negatively.
They show a Grid asking which Brands you would be proud to work for and which embarrassed.
They show a Grid asking which Brands we have heard positive news in the last 2 weeks and which negative news.

They ask purchasing questions. Last 12 months. Last 30 days. Next 30 days. Next 6 months.
They have lists of restaurants and ask which we have been too in the same time frames.

They ask if we feel the Economy is getting better or worse.
They ask if our own economic situation is getting better or worse.

Now think of the things I said in the beginning and how this will affect the research/polling.

  • A Brand I hate or had a bad experience with I will go out of my may to say bad things, true or untrue. Vice Versa as well!
  • I will always feel I will be making more money.
  • I will often choose to answer about the Economy based on if my Political Alignment is in Power or not.
  • They fail to ask proper questions. I might be embarrassed to work for the Dollar Store. But not if I was CEO.
  • It is very hard to know how much I will spend going forward. Today they asked how much I spent at Target last 30 days and what about next 30 days. My needs will change. That is more spontaneous. How the hell can I estimate this?!!!
  • I hate Walmart. I said Sams Club sucks today. Horrible place. Service deteriorating. Guess what? I have never been in a Sam's Club! But I will always say this. Sorry. Treat your employees like chattel, the environment like crap, small towns like shit, keep poor people poor so they will stay your customers, pawn healthcare on the Fed and State Government and buy products from sweat shops in China. Sorry. BTW I would love to say what I think of the Owners the Walton Family but let's just say they are very immoral for people who Bible thump. I will always say negative things about anything Walmart. My own personal view btw. Nothing you can do to change it. I am not ashamed to be biased in this way. Shop there. I don't care.
But guess what people? This is HUMAN NATURE! We are not in nice little boxes. We are Random. We are Unpredictable. We are Emotional. Good luck with your research.

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