Monday, November 15, 2010

The Marketing Side of PR Can Be High Impact

I think this is a great subject and something most folks in Marketing view as a separate world to us. Only some of PR is a separate world. Traditionally we think of things like people who help with damage control when something goes wrong like BP or Tiger Woods. Or the person who writes up a Press Release. Or the Agency that advises Alex Rodriguez to live next to Madonna and which press to have contacted when he goes out to get celebrity coverage.

But there is much more and it aligns with traditional marketing. It can be very valuable for your business. Some of it will be self generated some will come to you if you have some luck. But a good PR Agency can compete with a good Ad Agency in many areas.

I was lucky to get connected with @GiniDietrich of Arment Dietrich about 2 weeks ago because of her Tweeting with two of my favorite marketing minds @mitchjoel (Six Pixels Blog and Podcast) and @markwschaefer (Business Grow Blog) . Gini also is the primary contributor to the great blog Spin Sucks. All three are linked to your left.

If you go to Arment Dietrich's website and see their services, you will think you are on an Advertising or Marketing Agency website. And you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that. Because you would be correct. Using a client as a case study because I am not a natural at PR though I did some leg work for this client this is the impact good PR Marketing can have on your business.

Here is the PR Marketing work that has been done for my client Chunk-n-Chip since Mid-Summer by founder Claudia Gonzalez, Paul Lyttle of SRP-Media and myself. And you can see the value for Marketing!

Claudia brings a warm and engaging style with people. In a competitive dessert world, not only does she have a premium best in class product. People like her! Being liked is a huge part of PR!
She was asked to cater a softball game in LA between two big radio stations which led to being interviewed on a recent Friday Morning by Carson Daly on Amp Radio:

Paul Lyttle is very new to the team. SRP-Media has a stable of about 75 Movie and TV Stars. He is one of the Co-Creators of the Drive Out Hunger Charity campaign for Second Harvest Food Bank. Not only did he round up the stars for the big event on Wednesday at the Verizon Amphitheater, he got such big brands as Live Nation, Pepsi, Clear Channel, Twilight Saga, Cirque Du Soleil, and Wynn Resorts to donate everything from Super Bowl Tickets, Concert Tickets, and even a Caribbean Trip for a silent auction.

He also has our client set to be interviewed and included in the February Printing of the Lonely Planet Guide to California.

Through my Twitter networking efforts I connected with Los Angeles Times, OC Register, OC Weekly, LA Weekly and Bloggers hoping for news coverage. I set up her visit to OC Weekly. LA Weekly is pending waiting for her LA Health Department License. I also hooked up Claudia with a friend who is a Street Artist/ Otis Grad to paint her truck. This won her Second Place out of 48 Trucks in the Yelp! OC Foodie Fest Contest

All of which earned some unexpected coverage from OC Register, MetroMix, and others:

We now have people posting pictures of BOO-Yahs!! all over Twitter and news coverage we are not initiating! This is FREE Publicity and Marketing!

So if you think a good PR Agency and/or Strategy can't help your brand marketing, or doesn't compete with you as an Advertising Agency, you are wrong. And I suggest there is proper coordination if you have both an Advertising/Marketing Agency and a PR Agency helping you. Because together there can be an outsized impact on your total marketing efforts.


  1. You are plain old crazy! And I'm beginning to like you a whole bunch!

  2. If you are referring to Paul Lyttle of 24/7 PR, he is being investigated by the LAPD for theft. It's not the first time. He has a great mug shot you can see at the LAPD. He has conned many people in the entertainment business.

    If I were you, I would get him away from clients as soon as possible.

    Preston Mitchell

  3. Myself & my friend have also been a victim of a Paul Lyttle scam/fraud. He told us he was working for 24/7 also. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS PERSON!!!

    1. what did he scam you out of and how did you meet him

  4. Paul Lyttle also use's the name Chris Cody Christensen beware of both names!!

  5. Paul Lyttle from 24/7 or Twentyfour Seven PR is a scam-artist. He promises things that never comes through and he has scammed me out of thousands of dollars. He fabricates stories. He is a Pathological liar. He even fabricates different types of individuals to help him with his fabricated stories and to create his plot. Stay clear from this guy and his fake company. His accent might be fake, too.

  6. I am just another victim of Paul Lyttle. This scam artist defrauds me thousand of dollars. I did some researches and found out he is currently living at 311 11th Street in Huntington Beach, CA. Hopefully the cops will visit him soon.