Monday, November 29, 2010

The Gini Dietrich Movie

If you did not know I am just fascinated with

Awhile ago I did movies of the Adverve Podcast and Quick-n-Dirty Podcasts (Links to your left), which are two of my favorites. Recently I connected with Gini Dietrich who is the CEO of Arment Dietrich in Chicago and also the main contributor to their blog Spin Sucks (which is also linked to the left). Not only is Gini a prolific weekly Video Blogger which this movie is about, she is also very funny! I recommend you follow her and read Spin Sucks. I always embrace people who didn't drink the Social Media Koolaid, is a straight shooter, and knows reality vs the hype out there in the Advertising/Marketing/Media industry (see my list to the left!). Plus I am getting a ton of Livefyre points from stalking the Spin Sucks blog, and great people tend to lurk there.

Without further a do......drum roll please...The Gini Dietrich Movie:


  1. You are crazy and the only reason you think I'm funny is because you make me laugh really hard. So I think you're funny, which makes you think I'm funny!

  2. This is brilliant. Too funny Howie. But all in all - that Gini D. lady is simply fabulous!