Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Social Media is a threat to Digital Cameras

Not sure if you saw this article in the Wall Street Journal. Kodak and I am sure the rest of the Camera makers are freaking out.


The article doesn't state this. But I started pondering since I just ended my phone shame a month ago with my first real smart phone a Droid2 from Motorola. Social is destroying the low end of the camera market. Low end cameras have gotten so inexpensive your basic camera in your phone takes great photos, and with a smart phone you can upload directly to Twitter or Facebook among other options like Picasa and even to send to a retail printer!

The camera industry has gone through more convulsions than even the Newspaper Industry in my opinion. First came disposable cameras, then for Kodak cheaper imports via Fuji for Film, then digital and mobile via phones, and now social.

Yesterday I went to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties, NY

Granted there is a lack of organizing them, but for simply sharing my phone rocks, and I can transfer from my phone to my laptop hard drive very easily via media sharing using WiFi or USB connection.

All of these photos I took via my Droid2 and uploaded to Twitter, enjoy:

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