Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can Mobile Save Digital Advertising?

A little history. I like underdogs. I have no problem using Windows or Google. But whenever someone starts dominating I try to feed my business elsewhere. I use Open Office vs Microsoft Office. I use Fire Fox vs Chrome, IE, or Safari. I even use Bing now, but possibly moving back to Google. 

For many years prior to coming to the Ad Industry I used FireFox with Ad Blocker Plus. I also use No Scripts to protect from viruses from unknown web pages. When fully running all digital ad networks (and analytics) are blocked from my browser. Almost all digital advertising is also blocked. This includes Facebook Ads, Digital Ads, and even the Paid/Sponsored Search results on Google and Bing. So I would not see Ad Words results.

Safari and Chrome do not allow blocking of Ads. This is why Google invented Chrome. It was not to improve your user experience. It was to ensure they don't lose money.

Now I unlock many sites I get free content from out of my own feeling of ethics. But still have not enabled one Ad Network and most Web is still shut down. If I visit often and trust your site I unblock you.

I have a client who shares their web traffic with me. Slowly the share of FireFox has climbed over 30%. And as you can see almost 1mil people are downloading Ad Blocker each week.

So my question is will Mobile that has no such Ad Blocking yet be able to make up for potential lost Digital Ad Revenue. I now have a Droid2. I must say the little scrolling banner ads suck completely. So I have not clicked on a Mobile Ad yet. And while I know IPad doesn't allow FireFox, Netbooks do. It is unknown by me if the new Tablets all coming out will allow the open source web browser but don't be surprised if it happens. Would this mean a pure pay for content business model one day on the internet? And would that be a bad thing?

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