Monday, September 13, 2010

The Agency of the Future? You are kidding correct?

I really am sick of hearing this. Been seeing people write blogs and articles about this for quite some time. The reason is because many Agency's tend to pick a specific advertising channel, become strong in it, then work hard to defend their vested interests in the face of technological and social change. There is also this 'BIG LIE' being told that the 'Agency of the Future' is supposed to be something concrete. Like one format is the only one that works.

Starting with the 70's in the face of dramatic and rapid change this discussion has gone on every day of the year. The problem today is that we have too many people with opinions at too many companies and individual businesses who all can blog, tweet etc. We also have too many people involved in providing news so that editors must justify salaries by finding filler for their print and web pages.

The Agency of the Future is TODAY. This Agency has the following 10 traits:

1]   Focuses on the Client's need first, second and third. Which is SELLING

2]   Focuses on a Return on Investment for their Clients and spends the Clients
      money wisely.

3]   Has Talented People and Connections.

4]   Has the answers the Client seeks even if they have to go outside their
      Organization to find them.

5]   Constantly Evolves with the Times and Technologies.

6]   Is willing to cannibalize existing entrenched interests when it benefits the
      Client, and should look at this as paths that lead to new streams of    

7]   Is not tied down by location.

8]   Has the Cojones to tell the client the truth even if this means a reduction
      in their revenue bookings.

9]   Everyday thinks about what kind of Value to they bring to the
      Sales Channel.

10] Gives unbiased sound Advice and remembers without Customers for their
      Client, the Client does not exist!

Please note I have omitted the words: Creative. Social Media. Conversation.

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