Friday, January 20, 2012

Mobile Friday - the Un-Mobile Edition

Sorry about the black out here. No this was not SOPA related even though we are against SOPA and PIPA.

This was computer related. The laptop died. It was warrantied through Square Trade. Which btw if you can go 2-3 weeks without your computer they are a good deal, but I have buyers remorse since using my computer for business it is critical to my livelihood. Sometimes those expensive repair shops can be worth it!

Secondly been using Mac's from my partner and family. And I am not a convert. I long for Windows everyday and I am not a Microsoft guy. I don't even use any of their software besides Windows!

So since I have a mobile marketing focus here, but not mobile technology I decided to see how much I can do on my phone for work. And guess what? Not much.

Screen is too small for web work. My Droid 2 has a nice sized screen but most web sites are not mobile formatted. And that Apple commercial showing the easy zoom in zoom out? Biggest crock of shit ever. I DON'T WANT TO ZOOM IN OR OUT! 

What about productivity APPs? I have some but I am not a tech whiz who has integrated my work with my mobile. Really don't want too. I like a big screen and happy with my Laptop for work. 

I do use a Calendar for appointments and meetings. I use Evernote for notes and my To Do list.

Skype Mobile kind of sucks. I tried adding a third party to a call and it failed.

Facebook was a big failure. I run a client's page and couldn't through the Mobile Web nor the Facebook APP.

I don't have my work email on my Droid. Already pay way too much for phone, sms, and data. Adding another $20 for that with Verizon and I am approaching a car payment per month.

Blog reading and Livefyre commenting worked pretty well. I participate in many communities and was able to keep up.

I use Opera Web Browser. Pretty happy with it overall. But some websites with lots of bells and whistles appeared messed up. Though very easy to share links.

Hootsuite for my professional and client tweeting is excellent.

Biggest failure? I wanted to blog. I like to add photos or other content. Very hard on a phone to surf the web for a media item then add it to a blog post. Never mind how unwieldy it is on the mobile web.

Verdict? Mobile will never replace a Laptop for work. Tablet's have potential though I like a keyboard. If voice recognition allows me to speak vs type then maybe I can make the switch. And that could be the solution for mobile one day as well.

Monday I will post what I think mobile is great for and the areas of shortcomings with a consumer use focus.

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  1. Did you say you used Oprah's web browser? I didn't know she was in your neck of the woods. Maybe she can give you a new car and you can use the money you are not making a payment on for your work e-mail.

    I just recently got the iPhone 4s and can pretty much do anything on it I can do from my laptop. HOWEVER, I would hate it if I was trying to use it to replace my laptop for any length of time.

    One of these days, maybe a tablet but I'm not ready to convert just to my phone.

    I mean really, for someone as popular as me how do you think that would work out?.....doh........