Thursday, January 5, 2012

Google Plus is a Conversational Game Changer

For anyone who has been playing on Google Plus the one thing everyone including myself has said is that it allows better conversations than Facebook or Twitter. Lengthy ones too. The format for this is almost as good as Livefyre for blogs. The difference is Livefyre allows you to bring in people from Twitter very easily.

So why do I say this is a game changer? For anyone who watches the Daily Show like I do and laughs as Jon Stewart slaughters Fox News almost every night for fibbing, being hypocritical, and sometimes blatant lies you feel Jon is responding for you. We can not respond directly to Fox News. Yes we can tweet. But who will see. Yes they have a Facebook page but it is all short form.

But on Google Plus even though they have the Mastheads of their Talking Heads. Their posts are very...well...Newsy. They don't really talk opinionated Politics. Why? Because people are talking back. When they first started their Google Plus page they had hundreds of people commenting when they went political. Mostly negative. And guess what? You can't turn it off like you can on Facebook!

So they are actually the News Organization they claim to be on TV but generally aren't in my opinion. There is no crazy Hannity attacks or weird hypocrisy from Fox and Friends. It is just News. And that is because for the first time...people can talk back to them vs just Jon Stewart. And they can not stop this.

So warning to Brands who venture into the Google Plus space. Maybe being a good citizen, or giving good customer service should be a focus for you. Because if you have a Google Plus Brand page, while people can't wall post, they sure can comment and you can not stop them.

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