Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Social Tuesday - Pop Goes Zuckerberg the Weasel...Again!

Listen we get it Mark. You are in Panic Mode...say it! PANIC MODE! None of your initiatives have been a winner. You have failed to give any details on the success of Places, Deals, Open Graph because you lack the convincing data to show us. So what do you do? You are going to try forcing the Like Button issue at the same time you are going to scare people into not using the Like Button.

Your changes will facilitate, when someone Like's content off site, that it shows on the Facebook user's wall and hopefully spam their friends and family. You never did this with your users in mind. This is pure exploitation. But since it hasn't been working you are trying to change it! LINK And one of the commentators on the article did a test showing how the Like Button is not Viral: LINK

The interesting omission from the first link from Inside Facebook is the lack of data. How many Likes were clicked last year? Per Week? Facebook won't share that because it's doesn't look good! But now to compound the problem, I am starting to see articles informing people that Facebook is now sharing Cell Numbers and Home Addresses with 3rd Party Developers. So anyone using the Mobile Facebook App or who entered their info in their Facebook Profile are going to exposed to even more exploitation. LINK

So basically Facebook's Strategy is Full Exposure and Exploitation of their User Base. Whom if they had no Users their business is worth Zero Dollars. I had exposed the fact that Facebook's network usage per user per day is dropping fast. Will such moves as these stop the slide? Or accelerate it? I think acceleration. If our update feeds start getting more spammy we will eventually leave. As it is we see such a low percentage of posts from our network, the answer is not more posts, it's less posts, or better organized UI. Spam was a huge problem for Myspace and obviously Facebook has short term memory loss. 

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