Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Social Tuesday - Mash Mish

Just a few thoughts:


I clicked on their Sponsored Tweet

It took me to their Facebook Page which is a BIG NO NO!

So I tweeted them telling them they failed and now I won't use the coupon. Surprise they responded and fast:

Kind of a gnarly new sandwich which is not something I would eat once I viewed it. But I do like  their food so anyone who wants the coupon here is the LINK. I was very impressed with their response time and the fact that in discussion they were not using Twitter to funnel to a Facebook Page. If I follow you on Twitter that is where I want to engage. If I wanted to engage on Facebook I would be doing that. In fact the quickest way for me to un-follow on Twitter is when I follow getting a Direct Message saying to Like a Facebook Page.


Please Oh Lord or Goddess under heaven and above the stars. Please make this real. Please make it worthy of canceling my Facebook account!

From Read Write Web LINK

This proves why speed is important. What if this is the bee's knees and Diaspora comes out later? What if Diaspora is good enough to draw millions from Facebook, but Google beats them?


Marketing Profs has a great article with 6 reasons to be very careful about Facebook: LINK

Social Giving! 

Lastly we just went live yesterday for a client choosing Heal LA instead of Groupon. LINK

Why? The only thing Groupon has right now is reach. But Heal LA blows it's socks off in every other aspect:

1] Your donation goes directly to charity. 100%

2] You pay for the deal at the Brand. Meaning you get a coupon you take to the place that made the offer and use it. This gives the Brand the money right away. There is ZERO commission. ZERO money in escrow. 

3] It's FREE. They do everything from the graphics to the copy.

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