Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Marketer's Shouldn't Be Honest

Well I don't mean it that way specifically but I can see why they aren't.


There I said it. Is there a more irrational behavior that gas prices when it comes to eople's perceptions vs reality? If people find gas say 10 cents cheaper they tell people. They filled up 15 gallons maybe. Saved $1.50 and brag about it. They could use a 20% off coupon and save $10 on clothes and won't tell a soul.

This defies logic. There are lots of examples of people being illogical. Most have nothing to do with marketing. But marketers see this and so they think they can snow the average person and guess what? They do very often.I blame the people for allowing themselves to be duped. Buyer beware was coined for a reason.

I would love you to share examples that astound you.

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