Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back from Hiatus, News and Thoughts

Life has been hectic. Needed a short break from blogging. I live near cows in the mountains and yes life is hectic! Just no traffic or smog.

The Chief Alien is involved in some new career adventures, putting Sky Pulse Media in the closet and partnering with a good friend's venture called Web Choice Consulting. Basically we decided her Web Building, SEO, and Sales expertise pair well with my Marketing Strategy and Social Media Expertise. This should be fun!

My new Twitter handle is my name for now. @HowieGoldfarb

I will be blogging for Web Choice on a Wordpress platform so all of you who hate my blogger use because I am non-techie like you can rejoice. I do plan on keeping Space Agency Notes going though and modifying the mission here and also move to Wordpress so stay tuned.

Quick thoughts: 

When do the Olympics start? I can not recall less excitement. I have not watched 1 minute yet and they are almost half way over.

Is social media a powerful force on singular events? Not really. Time and Time again we see outrage when someone or a company do something we can't believe and then we move on to the next thing. Short attention spans mean nothing really changes. 

Some people like Ryan Holiday are really bad people, almost as bad as Rush Limbaugh. But being bad often means staying employed and making money while good honest decent folk struggle to make ends meet. This is very sad.

There still isn't a Twitter platform that has all the functions I need yet. Ahem...Jugnoome hurry up!

And lastly, Quality Product, Great Service, and the Right Price Point still trump all marketing. But since most business struggle with one or all is here just ask!


  1. We know you don't have a TV; I'm surprised you even knew there were Olympics this year.

    I picked up something was going on; good luck with this endeavor.

    1. Thanks Bill! Sorry I am so late in responding. Trying to get some reinsurance of my assurance insurance ;-)

  2. Huh. Wondered where the new handle came from. Much luck,

  3. They may be the experts in this field, but you're the expert in your business, so make sure that everything good about it shows through as well as possible!