Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It is really up to you

Yes marketing can sucker people or prey on their emotions. But that usually turns into buyers remorse. You want repeat customers not one time suckers. But that is up to you. You have that control.

All marketing can do is bring awareness or your product, showcase features and benefits, or show looks and style and feel. It can say where you or your product can be found. Where to buy. Where to visit. We can create promotions, deals, incentives, discounts.

Marketers will do all this based on your goals and needs. But once we get that customer to you, our work is over. And we probably can not help you after.

You need to focus on a great buying experience. Friendly and helpful interactions. Clean and attractive environs. A great product for your price point. Whether you choose value added or lowest cost be what you say you are. That will earn a repeat customer. Because once I have that new customer at your door step ready to buy, or at least interested, it is all in your hands.

There is really two steps here. You must give this deliberate thought. There is the buying experience and what they buy. Separate but together. And easy to get advice on. If you are a brick and mortar, location, set up, visuals, experience. If you are an online business focus on user interface, ease of use, quality of content or offerings. If you sell a product through a retailer focus on quality, visual packaging, great product inside.

The thing is, if you do all these things right, you will not a heavy marketing presence. Imagine if customers keep coming back. You won't need me. But it is up to you. Don't believe me? Listen to the baby.

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