Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why I Hate the Superbowl Ads You Love

I know this will upset my friend Gini Dietrich because she likes being entertained. And I once had an exchange with Rob Schwartz of TWBA/ChiatDay whom this post would irk greatly. Rob said it is all about chatter. Getting people to talk about your brand all year.

I don't agree. If you are going to pay that kind of jack to reach that many people it should do one of two things. First is show me something new so I get interested in learning more or buying it. Second is show me something that exists and show me I should buy it.

For a new brand with limited exposure this falls into the 'new' category. Like Living Social who wanted people to know they exist. For a national or global brand that everyone knows already why are you creating an ad to tell me you exist?

I came down hard on last years ads:

VW Force....cute. funny. Didn't sell me a car. Waste of money. It showed me I can start my new Jetta from inside the house. Great but what if the car is ugly and a piece of crap? Oh and Buick showed me I can start their car from another city remotely with a smart phone one month later.

Chrysler Detroit ad? Great for Detroit because shows they are tough and gruitty minus M&M (I hate whiny lyrics which he tends to write. What is tough and gritty about whiny lyrics?). But Chrysler? Did it change my view of the worst Quality in the US? No.

Pepsi? WTF assault by soda cans. That does not make me want to buy Pepsi and I LOVE PEPSI! Make me thirsty for Pepsi vs cower behind my couch.

They need to hire Vinny Warren to save the brand before it is too late. I like entertainment and comedy but think of the product. What are you selling me and yes you have to sell.

VW Jetta? Gas Mileage. Safety. Quality. Looks and styling. Performance. Gadgets. Score: D minus. You barely showed the car. You showed me one gadget. Oh boy.

Chrysler? The same. Plus show me you are different now. Change my view on your cars. Score: F I was left with no change of view for your cars or your brand.

Pepsi? Great taste. Refreshing. Lifestyle. Score: D minus. Do you really need to mimic a dumb cheap beer commercial to sell soda?

Tomorrow I will discuss some of the previews and my thoughts.

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