Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Clutter that is Facebook

As I peruse offers by businesses seeking help in Social Media I still see a Mad Rush into Facebook. Everyone wants Fans and their Pages to Sales Drivers.

What does this make Facebook? Like the Internet. Can you imagine trying to reach people on Facebook when they all have Liked 200+ Fan pages and have 200+ friends all vying for their place in the news feed with their posts? Facebook likes this problem. Their solution buy Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a black box. No one knows what really is going on. The new Insights show a client of mine with 2600 Fans reaching 900,000 people via the page. Uhm..right. 

As more and more businesses try their own pages, vying for the same finite pool of people hoping they can reach them the odds are against you. Which brings us back to Search. And your own website. And your great product at the perfect price point matched with exemplary customer service. You will be surprised how this strategy will trounce anything you can ever do on Facebook. Assuming you can even get through to people on Facebook.

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