Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Social Tuesday - Thought Leader Round Up!

This has been quite a week. The discussions around Google + have migrated from Google + itself to carpet bagging, gurus, and love.

Gini Dietrich had her blog on fire yesterday when she took a stand against people claiming to be Google + experts after just 24 days of public beta release of the platform and charging for seminars, webinars etc.

On Danny Brown's Blog there is a great guest post by Olivier Blanchard:

Today Shanan Sorochynski on Waxing Unlyrical shares how the new G+ network has evolved so far in her personal and work life.

Geoff Livingston who has been beating the Facebook death chant now which is refreshing since he is brilliant wrote a great piece: 

And last but never least Mr. Ben Kunz who is often the smartest man in any room once again wrote a killer piece:

All great and thought provoking reads. What should be taken from all this is several things. There will always be people seeking to make bucks even if at the expense of others. There will always be new social networks coming into play and we had better get used to it. And no social network is too big to fail, or so smart they can't.


  1. When you said 'Thought Leaders' I thought there might be a chance I would be here and didn't want to miss it. I must have been the next one you were 'thinking' about, huh?

    A few I've seen, I will have to check the others out. Thanks for sharing and that's what I 'think' about that.

    Have a good one.

  2. Bill you are a thought leader! Deep thoughts. Light airy thoughts. Thoughts of beer. Thoughts of baseball.

    My problem is that I am not a Thought Leader!

    Thanks for coming by again my friend!

  3. I only share my thoughts with my buddies, because we all think along the same lines; beer, sex and food, right?